High-Impact Software Development Manager

  • Advised one or more organizations
  • Published a book, article, or paper
  • Networked with other professionals
  • Earned one or more college degrees
  • Established a notable business or non-profit organization
  • Received one or more promotions within an organization
  • Generated a substantial amount of money for an organization
  • Endorsed by co-workers or clients
  • Has had direct reports in an organization
  • Donates time to philanthropic causes or organizations


Linc Enney
I’ve always believed it’s about the people and the relationships you build. Because after all, a company isn’t a slogan or a trademark or a jingle; it’s a collection of people who work together to achieve great things." -Linc Enney
I’m a business-driven and strategic executive with broad experience in building and growing software development organizations spanning cable television, telecommunications, financial payments, and the publishing industries. I’ve been recognized for reliably delivering software projects on time and within budget, building cohesive teams, and ensuring that business objectives are well-defined and fulfilled. I really enjoy driving a work / life balance for each team, which I believe garners two-way loyalty and top performance.

I’m known for skilled management of all phases of the software development lifecycle, including requirements, design, coding, testing, training, and production support. I have a proven track record of collaborative customer relationship management and earning stakeholder support. I’m an effective listener, trusted for approachability, and devising thoughtful solutions.

My Career Highlights in a Few Clicks...

  1. Vice President - Product Management, QLess, Inc.

    Oversee all product-related activity for QLess, Inc. This company provides software to eliminate the wait-time for people in physical queues, such as government agencies, universities, and retail outlets.

  2. -
    Vice President - Development, Phoenix Managed Networks

    Oversaw all software development for Phoenix Managed Networks, including programming, quality assurance, configuration management, technical writing, and dev-ops activities.

  3. -
    Vice President - Technology, Link-up International

    Oversaw all technical strategy, ran all software product initiatives, and delivered feature-rich applications that scaled our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. Brought MS-certified Outlook plug-in to market for Instinctive Drives. Oversaw all development, test, and contract personnel.

  4. -
    Senior Director, Mystro Back Office, Charter Communications

    I oversaw delivery of all server-side software enabling legacy and IP-based cable television across the US and creation of streaming video software applications for 16M+ customers nationwide. Manage product releases, set strategic direction for software application creation, and create departmental budget. Guided 35 direct reports. Highlights included:

    • Delivered of multiple generations of server-side back office software, enabling video streaming for legacy television, on-demand videos, pay-per-view events, and upsell opportunities for the company.
    • Hired and retained a world-class team and created a culture of work / life balance that brought out the best performance and employment satisfaction in all employees.
    • Envisioned and created all departmental process and procedure documents, including Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) guidelines, code review and remediation policies, defect tracking and resolution guidelines, and all departmental entrance and exit criteria, streamlining departmental workflow and increasing productivity.
    • Gathered, tracked, reported, and evaluated all development work done on each project, providing company senior leaders with insight needed to make intelligent business decisions on future project work.
    • Created process and set of estimation tools allowing group to provide on-demand, high-level estimates for proposed work, enabling company to make intelligent business decisions and cost adjustments in real-time based on facts and data.
    • Managed all contractor vendors, negotiated rates, reviewed contracts, and tracked all labor resources against budgeted dollars, reducing cost to company and standardizing contractor rates across multiple departments.
  5. -
    Owner, Enneyware, LLC

    Founded, developed, and concurrently ran my own technical services company. Prior to IP Commerce, I personally worked contracts; presently however, I subcontract business analysts, project managers, programmers, and technical writers to companies. Please review the Enneyware, LLC PDF under "Downloads..." below for a list of technical services I provide.

  6. -
    Vice President, Product Development, IP Commerce, Inc.

    Accountable for successful delivery of all software development projects across multiple locations including offshore. Oversaw product releases, set strategic direction for product development, and managed departmental budget. Led application architects, software engineers, project managers, business analysts, configuration managers, and technical analysts.

  7. -
    Director of Research and Product Development, Ceon Corporation

    Broadband products and services company, acquired by Convergys.

  8. -
    Director of Service Activation, Evolving Systems, Inc.

    Publicly-held telecommunications products and services company.

Proudest Accomplishment...

My proudest work-related accomplishment is helping bring out the best in people.

Experience Highlights...

  • Vice President - Development
    Phoenix Managed Networks
  • Vice President - Technology
    Link-up International
  • Senior Director, Server-Side Back Office
    Charter Communications
  • Vice President, Product Development
    IP Commerce, Inc.
  • Owner
    Enneyware, LLC
  • Director of Research and Product Development
    Ceon Corporation

Education Highlights...

  • Baylor University
    BA, Business Administration

Outside of work...

  • Coaching Little League Football
    I've had the pleasure of Coaching and Teaching Football for more than 15 years.
  • Growing Garlic
    Each year I grow a multitude of Garlic varieties from the mild to the really spicy bulbs.
  • Brewing Homemade Wine
    We've made homemade wine for the last Few years; Red, White, and Moscato.


  • Cross-Functional Team Lead
  • Project Estimation & MGMT
  • Team Building
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Budgeting
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business & Technical Writing
  • Contractor & Vendor MGMT
  • Business & Process Creation
  • Data & Requirements Analyst

Q&A With Linc...

What can you tell me about your work life?
I’m a high-impact software development manager that has worked in both the private and public sectors. I have extensive experience in delivering software applications on-time and within budget. I’ve worked with a variety of software development methodologies, including waterfall, iterative, and agile. I’ve also built teams from the ground up and grown existing teams.
Can you tell me about a recent big achievement?
At Time Warner Cable (now Charter) I oversaw the server-side back office. My department was responsible for providing all the streaming video for 16.5 million cable subscribers across the country. One of my biggest business accomplishments at Time Warner Cable was reducing the deployment cycle of the software from every 18 months to every 3 months, which increased revenue for the company by 10%.
What is your management style?
In a word “collaborative”. I don’t believe that I have all the answers, but as a team, we can come up with all the answers. My going in position is that people are professionals who know how to get their jobs done. Therefore, I don’t micro-manage people. I ask for statuses and for alerts if something is falling behind schedule, but other than that, I just let people do their job. I believe my role as a manager is to breakdown any roadblocks, mentor and coach, and stifle any “noise” that will distract people from their best job.
What software development life cycle do you like best and why?
I’ve worked with waterfall, iterative, and agile software development life cycles, and I like agile the best (depending on the appetite the business has for deploying and supporting new software). I like agile because we have relatively short time horizons, the ability to adjust if necessary, and the opportunity to deploy revenue-generating software for the business more quickly.
What strategies do you use to build a successful team?
First you need to define success, and to me, success is delivering value to the business. And the people who are delivering the value need to see that it’s valuable so they can share a sense of accomplishment. In order to continually deliver high-quality software, repeatable, proven methodologies need to be put in place that allow people to do their job to the best of their abilities.
How do you grow and mature a team?
To grow a team you need to identify areas of need, find quality people through referrals, and then ensure that the individuals will be contributing members of the team. Existing employees should interview all final candidates. A team becomes mature through repetition and by putting the right processes and procedures in place so that each release we aren’t re-inventing the wheel.
How do you accurately estimate a software project?
It starts with defining the feature set or technical debt items, then making sure the people that are actually performing the work provide their estimates and level of risk for each item. Decomposing the items using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is very helpful. I also use the ballpark estimation spreadsheet that I created.
How do you balance life and work for your employees?
Historically I get to know each employee so I can understand what they consider a ‘balanced’ life. From there, I keep tabs on the hours they work and continually review estimates against actual values to ensure the person is as accurate as possible. If someone continually under-estimates their work, they will be working a lot of overtime because of the mistake. If people do end up working a lot of overtime, I will give them comp days to balance things out (within the guidelines of the company)

Images of My Work...

  • Agile: Ballpark Estimation Spreadsheet
    Agile: Ballpark Estimation Spreadsheet
  • Agile: Sample 8-week Software Release Cycle
    Agile: Sample 8-week Software Release Cycle
  • Agile: Burndown Chart
    Agile: Burndown Chart
  • Resource Allocation
    Resource Allocation
  • Capacity by Quarter
    Capacity by Quarter
  • Capacity by Month
    Capacity by Month

Denver, Colorado

United States

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